A Guide to the Seiko Caliber 4R35 Automatic Movement

4r35 movement review

The Seiko caliber 4R35 is a mainstream automatic movement released in 2011 and produced by Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) for their branded watches. Its predecessor is the 7S26 movement, and it comes with welcome upgrades, like the hacking and hand-winding functionality. 

What makes it a great movement is it is incorporated in some excellent timepieces that don’t break the bank. It is based on the Seiko 4R15, Seiko 6R15, and Grand Seiko models, but it is a budget-friendly version since it does not use a Spron 510 mainspring. Learn more about this movement and why some watch models with the caliber 4R35 are worth purchasing through this guide.


The movement can be manually wound with the crown. For the first position, rotate the crown clockwise to wind the mainspring. Afterward, turn the crown counter-clockwise to advance the date wheel by one day and place it in the second position. Finally, set the time with the crown in the third position. Advance the minute and hour hands by rotating the crown clockwise, or turn them backward to rotate counter-clockwise. 


The accuracy rating is based on the daily wear on your wrist. When placed to rest in one position, the watch might lose or gain time. 

According to Seiko, the caliber 4R35 has an accuracy between +45 and -35 seconds per day. Keep in mind that this average rating is after a break-in period, which means the watch already found its beat, and lubricants were already evenly distributed.

Lift Angle

Releasing the impulse pin needs the balance wheel to pass through and come in contact with the pallet fork. The distance between the entry and the release of the impulse pin is called the lift angle. 

As a watch wearer, you may not be familiar with it or don’t mind it at all. However, knowing it allows you to measure the amplitude, which is the number of degrees of rotation per one beat. This beat is known as the swing of the balance clockwise or anti-clockwise. The lift angle of the caliber 4R35 is 53 degrees.

Watches with the Seiko Caliber 4R35 Movement

The Seiko Caliber 4R35 movement is available only in Seiko-branded watches. This caliber is found in the Samurai, Baby Turtle, and the Presage Cocktail Time series. The Seiko watch models are:

  • Samurai
  • SBDY029
  • SBDY043
  • SRPB49
  • SRPB53
  • SRPB55
  • SRPB99
  • SRPC93
  • Baby Turtle
  • SRPC35
  • SRPC37
  • SRPC39
  • SRPC41
  • Presage Cocktail Time
  • SARY133 
  • SRPD37
  • SARY139 
  • SRPD39
  • SARY141 
  • SRPD41
  • SRPC81
  • SRRY025 
  • SRP855
  • SRRY027 
  • SRP853
  • Other Watch Models
  • SRPC89
  • SRPB85
  • SRPC17
  • SRPB91
  • SRPB89
  • SRPB94
  • SRPB81
  • SRPB46

The Differences Between the Timepieces

Watches run by 4R35, the Samurai line, have a similar price to the 7S26 caliber. What makes it a step-up is the watch’s hand-wind and hack. 

When compared with watches with the caliber 6R15, Sumo, 4R35 is considered a traditional movement, while 6R15 is more modern as it includes Spron 510. It is a strain age-hardening type alloy that is non-magnetic and features high elasticity, mechanical strength, durability, and heat resistance. Both movements have quality watches; your purchasing decision all boils down to your preferences.


The Seiko 4R35 caliber is a tried-and-tested movement that is available in many Seiko-branded watches. To make a well-informed decision regarding which timepiece to buy, use this article as your guide. Don’t forget to purchase only from a reputable shop or feel free to build your dream mod with Seiko mod parts.

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