Crystaltimes Brand Marks

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Crystaltimes Logo Mark

Crystaltimes Logo Mark

This is the official logo of Crystaltimes used on our website, social media, print materials and other various platforms online. Our logo came into effect when our global headquarters website launched back in June of 2016. We use this logo to identify our business in multiple color-ways. The circle represents the first main product that Crystaltimes brought to market that being a sapphire crystal. The name Crystaltimes Horology or Crystaltimes is encased in the top and bottom of the logo. "ESTD" stands for Established seen in middle left of logo. "2012" stands for the year in which Crystaltimes began as seen in the middle right of logo. The "C" and "T" affixed left and right middle of inner logo stands for CrystalTimes. The crown at top middle of logo represents the high quality products we put out into the market. The gem at bottom middle of logo stands for the primary product we sell on our website that being the sapphire crystal. All uses of the Crystaltimes logo mark are subject to Trademark laws, and are owned and created by Crystaltimes.

Crystaltimes Product Mark

Crystaltimes Product Stamp Mark

This is the official stamp mark of Crystaltimes Products. We use this product stamp mark to identify Crystaltimes products. Products include Sapphire Crystals, Cases, Casebacks, Chapter Rings, Crowns, Bezels, Bezel Inserts, Dials, Movements, and Hand Sets. The "C" and "T" stand for CrystalTimes. The Crystaltimes Product Stamp Mark symbolizes our brand name Crystaltimes as marked "C" and "T". Crystaltimes idealizes, develops, and launches all said products through third party manufacturers to the highest of standards. We use this product stamp mark along with other color-ways to identify our branded products. Our product stamp mark is new to the Crystaltimes family of brand marks, and will be seen on Crystaltimes products in 2019. We will be working towards adding it on every product that Crystaltimes offers in the appropriate areas of each product where we see fit based on the product design and specs.  All uses of the Crystaltimes product stamp mark are subject to Trademark laws, and are owned and created by Crystaltimes.