FAQs about Orders and Deliveries and the COVID-19 virus

Crystaltimes USA is fully operational.

Can I place an order? Will USPS deliver the package?

Yes, Crystaltimes USA is fully operational and taking orders as per usual. We are working closely with USPS to ensure that your items are processed and delivered in a timely manner. We have back-up solutions to our back-up solutions when it comes to fulfillment, and will keep our customers informed along the way. We have partnerships with UPS and FedEx standing by in case USPS experiences extensive delays. We try to use USPS as much as possible to be able to continue offering free shipping.

What is Crystaltimes USA doing to keep customers and employees safe?

The health and safety of our staff and customers are top of mind with everything that we do. We check in with our staff daily to ensure that their health is 100% before coming in to serve our customers. When our staff comes in each morning to work on fulfilling your packages they wash their hands, wipe down surfaces, use a mask and gloves during the entire fulfillment process, and then wipe down their station again before leaving. We go the extra mile to ensuring the safe packing of your items.

Is it safe to receive orders?

For guidance on Coronavirus, please refer to the World Health Organization website.

How can I help those impacted by COVID-19?

Some of the ways you can help include donating to Feeding America, the American Red Cross, and Save the Children. Or, just ask: "Alexa, make a donation to Feeding America COVID-19 Response."


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