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Our Ordering and Shipping from Crystaltimes is streamlined! Simply order the item(s) that you would like, and a simple 3 step process begins:



We successfully received your payment and your order is “Processing.” You’ll receive a confirmation email detailing your purchase shortly after.



We have created a shipping label for your product(s) and it is set to “Complete.” You'll receive an email confirmation from us with your tracking information.



Your Order is being shipped and enjoy! You can track your purchase in the shipping email confirmation. You’ll receive an email when your order is out for delivery.

general info

Shipping from is simple! Select your items, order, receive confirmation, and enjoy. Our shipping times are generally 2-5 business days from the time we create your shipping label/receive tracking information. Processing times are generally 1 business day. We utilize USPS for fast and secure shipping of your items. We offer free shipping on orders exceeding $90!

shipping address

Please note that for our protection and yours we will only ship to your confirmed Paypal address, or Stripe address.

packaging & handling

We do not charge a separate handling fee. Packaging is generally in a white poly padded envelope with extra thickness to ensure the safe arrival of your items.

post option

If you have chosen the standard shipping option orders normally take 2-5 days to receive depending on the destination. Shipping is from Irvine, California utilizing USPS. There is proof of posting with this  post option and date of departure from Irvine, California. The Free Post Option is available for those who meet a certain volume in USD, and is marked throughout the top of this website.

countries served

Our USA website serves all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If you are visiting this page outside of the United States, please go to to complete your order!

Canada shipping

Crystaltimes USA is now serving Canada via USPS First Class International Airmail. Average ship times to Canada are 5-7 business days, but sometimes an extra few days for customs. Once your package crosses into Canada use Canada Post to track. Free shipping on orders over $100!

Mexico shipping

Crystaltimes USA is now serving Mexico via USPS First Class International Airmail. Average ship times to Mexico are 7-15 business days, but sometimes an extra few days for customs. Once your package crosses into Mexico use Parcel Monitor to track. Free shipping on orders over $110!

international fulfillment

In some cases due to stock volume, we may ship from our main location in Hong Kong. This  E service is fully supported by US Postal. If this is the case, we will notify you directly. International fulfillment is generally 8-14 days. You will have full tracking as with USA fulfillment.


Post delivery times at peak post times e.g. Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. will be slower than normal. We ship out as fast as possible to reduce the total post time, but please appreciate the huge volume of mail at these times inevitably leads to longer postal service processing and ultimately delivery time.

post time

Times quoted above are based on our experience shipping worldwide for over 10 years and given in good faith. Please appreciate we cannot guarantee the precise time your purchase will arrive. There are a number of variables completely outside our control. With that being said, we've partnered with USPS to give you the best shipping rates, times, and delivery available!

have questions?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any issue regarding shipping

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