Blue Ice – White/Black/Blue – Esper Watch Mods


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“Blue Ice”

Collection: Esper (White/Black/Blue)

A series of watch mod concept collections comprised around three-color combinations using high quality parts from Crystaltimes. We decided to use color-ways to curate collections of watch mods as each mod expresses some feeling, emotion or personality. Build or acquire a watch mod that speaks to you.

This is a curated concept watch. We send you the complete parts list below to build!

“Blue Ice” Parts List:

  1. CT700 Case
  2. CT273 Brushed Caseback
  3. CT208  Brushed Crown
  4. CT202 Coin Edge Bezel
  5. CT215 Bezel Click Spring
  6. CT6119 Bezel Insert
  7. CT877 Dial
  8. CT883 Minute/Hour Hands
  9. CT8108 Seconds Hand
  10. CT252 Chapter Ring
  11. CT025F Clear AR Crystal
  12. CT505 NH38 Movement