Precision Watchmaker Cleaning Pen – CT1010


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  • The Cleaning Pen is an innovative tool, meticulously designed to meet the highest of standards in watchmaking. After working with high end watches and watch makers we discovered a sponge pen that is used to clean every bit of debris from movements, hands, dials, and basically every part in the watch. Introducing the Precision Watchmaker Cleaning Pen!
  • Material & Design: Features a high-elasticity PU high-density sponge head, engineered for rapid liquid absorption, resistance to leaving wipe marks, and anti-static properties, ensuring a streak-free and safe cleaning experience.
  • Comes with 1pc + spare tip.
  • For maximum effectiveness, combine the pen with clean petrol (most ideal) or similar solvent to remove any tough areas (clean petrol use information below). For general cleaning of light debris you can use an rubbing alcohol like isopropyl alcohol.
Clean Petrol Info:
  • Compatibility: Optimally used with clean petrol, renowned for its quick-drying, residue-free, and cost-efficient cleaning qualities.
  • Efficiency: The combination of the Cleaning Pen’s design and clean petrol’s solvent properties offers an unmatched cleaning solution, effectively dissolving oils and greases without leaving behind any residue.
  • Anti-Static: Designed to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, safeguarding the mechanical integrity of your watch against dust and interference.
Usage Instructions:
  1. Preparation: Immerse the sponge tip in clean petrol, ensuring it’s thoroughly coated.
  2. Excess Removal: Gently shake off any excess petrol to prevent over-wetting.
  3. Swift Action: Quickly begin wiping the watch parts; given the rapid evaporation rate of clean petrol, aim to complete the cleaning within 6-7 seconds.
  4. Precise Contact: Utilize the tip of the sponge for targeted cleaning, avoiding the sponge’s face to eliminate smears.
  5. Edge-to-Edge Wiping: For a flawless finish, wipe from one edge to the other in straight lines. Avoid starting from the middle to reduce the need for repeated cleaning.
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