Vostok RX Bezel – CT223RX Polished


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  • Material – Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade HQ Divers Bezel Precision CNC machined – Superb!
  • Design: RX design Bezels for VOSTOK AMPHIBIA – Bi-Directional as oem
  • IMPORTANT – Pictures with insert fitted for reference only – the item for sale is BEZEL ONLY.
  • Bezel Spring – supplied FREE
  • Suitable Bezel Inserts – Fits SKX007 Inserts
  • Finish – High Polish
  • Dimensions – Diameter 40mm – Thickness 3.7mm
  • Fitting – Direct replacement for OEM bezel no mods required. The bezel on some cases will be a little tight and pressing on evenly by hand may not possible in these instances a Crystal Press should be used to apply an even high force to snap the bezel on – take care not to trap or bend the spring. You may need to bend/shape the spring or even shorten it a little to get the feel you require – the full-length spring can give a tight bezel on some cases – preferred by some but we appreciate not all customers like it.
  • Additional info – Functions exactly as OEM Bezel – complete with new bezel spring already fitted. Easy installation a direct fit with no modification required. SKX007 bezels inserts fit so a great choice of options available.

Suitable for – VOSTOK AMPHIBIA

  • Vostok Amphibia round case – ref 420###
  • Vostok Ministry Amphibia – ref 710###
  • Vostok Amphibia hooded lug – ref 060###
  • Vostok Amphibia Neptune – ref 960###
  • Vostok new Amphibia – ref 090###
  • Vostok no-crown-guard Amphibia – ref 100###
  • Vostok new crown-guard Amphibia – ref 110###
  • Vostok new crown-guard Amphibia – ref 120###
  • Vostok Amphibia SE GMT – ref 150###
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