What You Should and Should Not Do When Engraving Your Watch

Watch Caseback

Engraving a watch can be a great way to personalize your Seiko Mod Watch and make it extra special. Whether it’s to commemorate a significant accomplishment or to give as a meaningful gift, engraving a watch can add that extra bit of sentimentality. However, if you’re not experienced with watch engraving, you might end up damaging your timepiece, so it’s important to consider if this is the right choice for you and to seek out the help of a professional to ensure the job is done right.

That said, if you are thinking of engraving the watch by yourself, here’s what you should know:

What to Do

Before engraving an expensive watch, it is important to take the time to brainstorm some ideas and come up with a few possible inscriptions. Consider discussing the ideas with friends or writing them down to help narrow your options. Doing this will ensure you have put enough thought into the engraving and enjoy a perfect final product.

After that, think carefully about the font you choose when engraving a monogram or message on your watch. Select a timeless typeface to ensure the words will be appreciated for years. Your watch may be a companion for many years and even passed on as a family heirloom, so if you are committed to adding an inscription, keep the design subtle and elegant.

Remember that rather than engraving on the caseback, engrave on a link on the bracelet instead. That way, you can easily change up the engraving whenever you want by removing the link and replacing it or even removing it completely for an engraving-less watch.

What Not to Do

If you have a watch with a solid steel case back, you can engrave it with whatever message or design you want. However, if your watch has a transparent sapphire case back that allows you to see the working parts of the watch inside, it will be more difficult to engrave it with a special inscription.

If you want to add a personal touch to a sapphire watch case, you’ll need to take it to a professional engraver and have them use a laser to etch a message or design into the glass. This can be pricier than other methods, and depending on the complexity of the watch design, the inscription may not even be visible after it has been engraved.

As such, engraving on a sapphire back is generally not a good idea unless you’re willing to pay for it.

Additionally, if your watch is a valuable piece you would like to pass down to future generations, it might be best to avoid engraving any overly intimate messages. Consider inscribing your family name on the back of the watch as a tasteful way to add significance to your treasured timepiece. This will provide a lasting legacy that even your great-grandson can appreciate and admire.


There you have it! If you’re interested in engraving your watch, that’s what you should and should not do. But of course, if you are inexperienced with engraving your own watch, you should always refer to a professional. But, doing it yourself can be a fun and learning experience. So, grab yourself an affordable watch and start practicing.

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