SRPE Fluted Bezel – Polished – CT213


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  • Upgrade the look of your SRPE 5 Sports watch with a new polished fluted bezel!
  • The fluted bezel comes with a new bezel gasket and crystal gasket preinstalled. The bezel holds the watch crystal, so the crystal will need to be installed into the new bezel.
  • Compatible with SRPE 5 Sports Collection: SRPE51 SRPE51K1 SRPE53 SRPE53K1 SRPE55 SRPE55K1 SRPE57 SRPE57K1 SRPE58 SRPE58K1 SRPE60 SRPE60K1 SRPE61 SRPE61K1 SRPE63 SRPE63K1 SRPE65 SRPE65K1 SRPE67 SRPE67K1 SRPE69 SRPE69K
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