CT709 – SKX013 0030 Replacement Case – Crown At 3 No Crown Guards – Polished/Brushed


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Material – HQ Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade

Description – SKX013/15 Crystaltimes Custom Case Body – Custom crown at 3 with no crown guards. Suitable for a new custom build – Drilled Through Lugs*

*Great for easy strap and bracelet change – reducing the risk of marking/damaging your case

Included FREE with every caseCrystal GasketCase Back Gasket2 x 20mm Fat Spring Bars


High Polish/Brushed as oem

Information – Case Body with Drilled Lugs. Polished/Brushed finish. Suitable as the perfect basis for an SKX013 crown at 3 custom build. This is our tribute to the classic oem case with a twist! All oem parts are compatible and will fit this replacement case incl the oem Jubilee Bracelet. Takes fat 20mm x 2.5mm spring bars as oem.

NOTE – Aftermarket bracelets with SEL – we have tested a few but not all and so far they have all been found to be compatible.

Water Resistance – As oem*

*This case was tested to 250M during development and subsequent testing of actual production cases – no failures were recorded.


Replacement for SKX013/15 0030 CASE** changing it to crown at 3 NCG or a new from the ground up custom mod build!

** If you are changing from crown at 4 to crown at 3 this has configuration implications if you are using existing movement and dial please do research to understand the work required. The easier route is to drop in one of our crown at 3 NH CT500/CT501 superior 24J auto/hack/hand-wind movements and use one of our range of dials with correct feet position.

Additional info – Ideal for replacing a used/damaged case and building a custom crown at 3 NCG mod from the ground up without having to buy a complete watch and ending up only using the case! Crown at 3 with no crown guards opens the way forward for some exciting new mods!

15 reviews for CT709 – SKX013 0030 Replacement Case – Crown At 3 No Crown Guards – Polished/Brushed

  1. 5 out of 5

    this case is beautiful

  2. 5 out of 5

    This case is awesome. High-quality finishing and materials. Paired with Crystal Times oyster bracelet it’s a home run for sure. The only thing is I wish I could buy it all bundled at once. Get one!

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    Image #3 from Derrick Matai
  3. 5 out of 5

    Case is beautiful! Paired with Top Hat Sapphire Crystal

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