CT056 – Double Dome Sapphire Crystal – Monster & More



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  • Material – Sapphire crystal
  • Type/Design – Double dome (Domed Top Domed Underside)
  • Dome height – 2mm
  • AR* coating options – blue, No AR and Clear AR**
  • *All AR coatings underside only
  • * *Clear AR – extra 10 USD
  • Crystal Gasket – Option to purchase Crystal Gasket available during purchase – 9.95 USD
  • Custom Laser Etch – Divers Helmet laser etch with blue AR please ask regarding availability of this very limited version
  • Ref dimensions
  • Dia 30mm Thickness 4.3mm Edge 2.3mm – Dome 2mm
  • Suitable forSeiko SKX031 SKX033
  • SKX779 SKX781 7S26-0350/1 SRP307K1 SRP309K1 SRP311K1 SRP313K1
  • SRP315K1 SKX031 SKX033 SZEN002 SZEN006 SZEN007 SZEN009
  • SZEN010
  • Seiko Mini Baby Turtle* – SRPC35K1 SRPC37K1 SRPC39K1 SRPC41K1
  • *No cyclops date magnifier
  • Invicta 200M – 8926OB 30mm sapphire
  • Important Note – If you have an 8926 Invicta with 29.5mm sapphire go to item number CT091 which we produced for that version.
  • Additional info – DD Sapphire crystal upgrade from the OEM SD hardlex crystal. Double Dome so no optical dial distortion even at acute viewing angle – looks superb – one of my top selling sapphires. Superb upgrade to Sapphire for the Mini/Baby Turtle and at the same time getting rid of the unsightly cyclops date magnifier.

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