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Crystaltimes USA specializes in the design and manufacture of Seiko Mod Parts and other watch mod parts. In 2012, Crystaltimes first entered the market with high Quality Sapphire Crystals for Seiko watches, and since then has grown to include Cases, Bezels, Bezel Inserts, Chapter Rings, Casebacks, Crowns, and many more miscellaneous watch mods you see on our website today! We produce parts for the SKX007, SKX013, SRP Turtle, Seiko 5 SPRE’s and SRPD’s, and so many more models.

Seiko Mod Part Shipping Times

One of the main topics that Seiko Modders have expressed in the past is delivery time, so we set out to overcome this obstacle. Many companies you see today are shipping from overseas to the US, and ship times take 14-30 days on average. In March of 2019, Crystaltimes opened a fulfillment location based in Irvine, California to solve this issue. Crystaltimes USA now offers 1-5 days shipping anywhere in the US! We’ve also opened up shipping to Canada which is generally 1-7 days. We offer standard free shipping with USPS’s ground advantage program, and then 1-2 day express with FedEx.

Seiko Mod Parts Providers

Watch Modding is an ever growing niche full of passionate watch mod enthusiasts. Since we started we’ve seen the amount of people getting into watch modding 10X! With this comes more Seiko Mod Part providers that specialize in different part categories. Some of these categories include Sapphire Crystals, Bezels, Bezel Inserts, Chapter Rings, Crowns, Cases, and so on. What we’ve found with the diversity of providers is that products are NOT all created equal. Some providers purchase products on the open market, and some manufacture the products themselves. Use your judgement of how long they have been in the space, peer reviews, and positing to give you piece of mind when starting a project.

Today, Crystaltimes is one of the only providers that manufacture their own products. With that, you get the guarantee that every product you shop here at Crystaltimes is to OEM, and the specs fit between product to product. What we’ve seen with open market providers is a lack of just that- you purchase a product on their shop, and then come to find out it doesn’t fit with a cross category item. This unsightly issue leads to frustration in the customer, and ultimately a headache for the provider.

At Crystaltimes we recommend sticking with a given provider and their product range to make sure each part is compatible with the next. We get quite a few inquiries about whether another Seiko Mod Parts provider parts will fit with ours. We kindly respond “as long as they follow OEM.” We do this because some of the open market Seiko Parts providers do not follow OEM.

Seiko Mod Part Quality

Following the flood of Seiko Modders coming into the market, and diversity of parts providers, we wanted to talk about quality of Seiko Mod Parts. When it comes to quality Seiko Mod Parts, Crystaltimes USA goes above and beyond for their customers to ensure the highest of quality products. We do extensive research and development of every product that we launch to ensure our customers are overly satisfied with their mod. Our founder has a background of 35+ years in engineering, and specs are at the top priority. When manufacturing products, we take the extra time to ensure all items are up to code.

We have a 4-stage quality control process and oversee the entire process from design to delivery. We are able to do this as we have boots on the ground (something that no other supplier can say they have).

Why choose Crystaltimes USA as your Seiko Mod Parts Provider?

So, you ask, Why choose Crystaltimes USA as your Seiko Mod Parts provider? Crystaltimes USA has the highest quality Seiko Mod Parts matched with a top notch customer experience. As pioneers of the seiko modding space, going with Crystaltimes takes the guess work out of your modding experience. You can rely on Crystaltimes for support throughout the entire process. Read some of our 5 Star Reviews to hear what customers have to say.

We are dedicated to continuing to create a wide variety of high quality Seiko Mod Parts, and always putting the customer first. Thank you for your interest in Crystaltimes USA. If you have any questions about your next Seiko Mod please do not hesitate to contact us over live chat or via email at

Crystaltimes was built by modders, for modders. You can truly build your dream mod with Crystaltimes parts.


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steel bezel insert for skx007 srpd red
Seiko Mod Parts: Crystaltimes Case, Sapphire Crystal, Chapter Ring, Crown, and Caseback. Customer Submitted Mod