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Shop sapphire crystals for Vintage Chronos. Crystaltimes produces a wide variety of sapphire crystals for Seiko, Tag Heuer, Orient, Citizen, Rolex, Hamilton, and more. Crystaltimes Sapphire Crystals for Vintage Chrono style watches come in many AR Coating options including Blue, Green, Purple, No AR and Clear AR. Crystaltimes Sapphire Crystals for Vintage Chrono watches also come in many Dome options including Flat, Single Dome, Double Dome, Sky Dome, and Vintage Top Hat. This category is an ever growing product line that we will expanded upon continually. Browse the items below to find a suitable match for your watch model. Can’t find your specs? Write us an email and we will add it to our production line!

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  • CT052

    Material – Sapphire Crystal

    Type/Design – Flat OEM replica in sapphire 300WF0GN00

    AR coating options – Blue, and No AR.

    Ref dimensions – Dia 30mm Thickness 1.53mm

    Suitable for – RAF issue (Royal Air Force) Generation 1 7A28-7120

    Additional info below in product description

    $24.95 Select options