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SKX007 Plus Sapphire Crystals and Watch mod Parts! Shop Sapphire Crystals and Watch mod Parts for SKX007 Plus Watches! Crystaltimes is generally known for their Sapphire Crystals, but has ventured into many misc. metal parts due to high demand from customers. Here at Crystaltimes we are enabling modders to have a whole suite of SKX007 Plus specific watch products to build the ultimate mod! Our goal is to create a one-stop-shop for everything watch modding. Browse the items below to find a suitable match to your watch model. Can’t find your specs? Write us an email and we will add it to our product line!

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  • CT037

    Material – Sapphire Crystal

    Suitable for – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35

    Type/Design3 Double Dome Types available:

    CT037Double Dome (Domed Top – Domed Underside) with traditional Seiko “tool look” heavy top edge bevel. Suits the standard oem and aftermarket flat inserts.

    CT037CIS – Specially developed to solve the unsightly step problem for the ceramic sloping/thicker sub type bezel inserts***. Double Dome (Domed Top – Domed Underside) without a large top edge bevel and a stepped edge design to ensure a smoother looking fit with the sloping ceramic bezel inserts.

    CT037FDouble Dome. A slightly higher (0.6mm) version of the standard CT037 but with a stepped edge design and NO heavy top edge bevel resulting in a better looking/smoother fit for those who dislike the large Seiko Divers traditional big top edge bevel and resultant gap – suitable for the oem and aftermarket (metal or ceramic)  flat bezel inserts.

    Ref dimensions:

    CT037 – Dia 31.5mm Total thickness/height 4.7mm

    CT037CIS – Dia 31.5mm Total thickness/height 5.5mm

    CT037F – Dia 31.5mm Total thickness/height 5.3mm

    AR* Available: Blue AR, Purple AR, Red AR, Green AR, Clear AR** or No AR.

    Additional info below in product description

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  • CT204

    Material – HQ Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade – This is Not Plastic unlike many others available on the market today – machined from a single piece of 316L Stainless Steel.

    Type/Design – Chapter Ring with rear pin location (as oem)

    6 Finish options – Super High Polish, Rotary Brushed, Black (Rotary Brushed + Black PVD) Gold Plated*, Rose Gold Plated* Brushed with laser markers and Black PVD STEALTH.

    Laser Etch option – Laser Etched Minute Markers available on polished and brushed SS versions plus STEALTH version

    Ref dimensions – As per OEM Plastic Chapter ring.

    Suitable for – 200M 0020 case type SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKXA35 SKX401K

    Fitting – Direct fit for original part no modification required

    Additional info below in product description

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  • CT202

    Material – Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade HQ Divers Bezel.

    Suitable for – 200M 0020 case type SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKXA35 SKX401K

    2 Types/Designs:

    1) CT202CE – Classic Coin Edge Bezel– Vintage 6105 150M style.

    2) CT202RX – Sub homage style Bezel.

    3 Finishes – High Polish, Sand Blasted*, Sand Blasted Black PVD.

    Fitting – Direct replacement for OEM bezel no mods required. The bezel on some cases will be a little tight and pressing on evenly by hand may not possible in these instances a Crystal Press should be used to apply an even high force to snap the bezel on.

    BONUS Bezel Gasket – New gasket supplied already fitted – We recommend adding a little grease to aid a smooth action.

    Please note You may find they can be tight we recommend the use of a crystal press to ensure an even high force when snapping the bezel on – A distinct snap sound will be heard as the bezel rides over the snap and sits down in the correct position.

    TIP – We strongly recommend that if you are considering to purchase a YM sloping ceramic insert to fit to your bezel rather than purchasing the insert and crystal individually that you take a look at our crystal and insert combo CT119 – The CT119 has a custom sapphire designed specifically to match the CT606 insert perfect – no gap – seamless fit – no need to mix and match from different sources – avoid potential sadness – we have done the work for you!

    Additional info below in product description

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  • Sale!


    Material – HQ Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade

    Options – High Polish with and without snake laser design.

    Suitable for200M Case Ref 7S26-0020 – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35 – All SUMO** variants – SPB051** SPB053**

    ** Choose DIY stem option only on these models

    Description – Stainless Steel 316L 3 Gasket Hi-Performance threaded Crown – A high quality high performance in house engineered/designed and fully tested Crown – Snake laser option – complete with stem

    Stem Details – Stem supplied in either DIY (cut and fit yourself) or cut and already fitted/cemented. Designed for use in SKX007 and variants (0020case) and for the OLD and NEW Samurai as well as the SUMO* and the 62Mas modern interpretation SPB051* SPB053*. The stem supplied will work with the standard oem 7S26 movement as well as NH35 NH36 NE15 4R36 6R15 movements.

    *Purchase DIY version only if you are purchasing for these models

    If you are simply upgrading to our 3G Crown on your SKX007 and not doing a movement change at this time the stem supplied with our CT208 crown will not need to be changed if you upgrade later from your standard fitment 7S26 movement to the NH35 NH36 NE15 4R35 4R36 or 6R15 the stem is fully compatible.

     2 versions available

    1. Hi Polish
    2. Hi Polish with Snake Laser etch

    Stem Options – DIY option (full length stem) OR Cut and fitted option suitable for SKX007 0020 case

    Stem – Suitable for NH35 NH36 NE15 4R35 4R36 6R15 movements and the standard SKX007 7S26 movements

    Performance – 200M Plus**

    **Reference Info Only – Tested to 500M during extensive development and wet testing with no failures observed – oem crown is a basic minimal single gasket design

    Crown Head Ref dimensions – Diameter 7mm x 4.9mm

    Samurai – All Samurai models old and new versions SBDA001 SBDA003 SBDA005 SNM009 SNM011 SNM017 SRPB009 SRPB49 SRPB51 SRPB53 SRPB55 SRPC93

    Fitting – Direct fit for original part – no case modification required – stem will need to be cut and cemented if you choose the DIY option – the cut and fitted (plug and play) option is very popular

    Additional info in product description below

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  • CT700

    Material – HQ Stainless Steel 316L surgical grade

    Description – The Famous and the very first of its kind Crystaltimes Replacement Case Body – Suitable for replacement of the SKX007 0020 200M Divers case -With and without Drilled Through Lugs* – Black case option also available

    *Great for easy strap and bracelet change – reducing the risk of marking/damaging your case


    Replacement for SKX007 0020 CASE

    Included FREE with every caseCrystal GasketCase Back Gasket2 x 22mm Fat Spring Bars

    2 Finishes

    1) High Polish/Brushed

    2) Black IP (Ionic Plating)

    Information – Case Body with and without Drilled Lugs. Polished/Brushed and Black available with and without drilled through lugs. Suitable as the perfect replacement for a damaged SKX007 0020 case. All oem parts will fit this case. This is our tribute to the classic oem case. It is NOT and was never intended to be a 100% exact copy of the oem case e.g. to allow the fully drilled lugs to look sweet the outer profile of the lugs is made a little meatier. We believe we achieved a very nice balance between the oem look and our case. All oem parts are compatible and will fit this replacement case incl the oem Jubilee Bracelet. Takes fat 2.5mm spring bars.

    NOTE – Aftermarket bracelets with SEL may in some rare instances require a slight adjustment on the SEL as they do even with the oem case in some instances

    Water Resistance – As oem*

    *This case was tested to 350M during development and subsequent testing of actual production cases – no failures were recorded.

    Additional info below in product description


    Superb look at the CT700 case and full build by Lume Shot!

    CT700 Case YouTube reveal Performed By Random Rob!

    CT700 Black Case Reveal by TheTimeKeeper!

    Instagram Video By @Zwei_1383

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  • CT500 – NH36 Movement

    Description – Brand new and tested 100% genuine Seiko Instruments NH36A 24J SII crown at 3 movement incl full length stem complete with fitted temporary setting crown/stem – unregulated*

    We recommend you take a look at our regulated* movement option at an additional 14.95 usd – this will ensure a good level of accuracy for your build.

    * Factory movements are supplied unregulated (timing accuracy not finely adjusted to the best achievable) We offer a regulated option to swiss standard of less than 10 seconds a day for that type of movement – in most instances we achieve much better than that!

    Suitable for – Watch modding 7S26 upgrade.

    Ref dimensions – OD 27.4mm Casing Dia 29.36mm (with dial spacer).

    INFO – You are purchasing a complete movement please ensure you are fully aware of the work required and parts needed to complete the build. If you are unsure and not undertaken this before, please do appropriate research before purchase. The forums and YouTube are an excellent resource. The buyer is responsible for the correct and careful fitting of the dial, hands and regulation. Unfortunately, a number of not so careful DIY modders have totally scrapped movements during this process. Crystaltimes is not responsible for any damage to movements during the fitting process. Check our NOOB CENTRE for an excellent tutorial video link on this subject.

    Type/Design/Spec: NH36A Automatic. White/Black day/date at 3. 21600 BPH. 24 Jewels Hacking Hand-wind. Power Reserve 41hrs. Complete with stem. Hand sizes H/M/S 150/89/21. Ligne/mm size 12/26.00mm. Height 5.32mm. Height with cannon pinion 7.55mm.

    Additional info below in product description

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  • CT200 – Caseback

    Material – 316L Surgical stainless steel.

    Type/Design – Sterile case back no identification 200M rated.

    Suitable for – Seiko divers 200M 0020 case type SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKXA35 SKX401K. 6309-7040 6309-7049 6309-7290 6309-729A 6309-729B 6306-7000 6306-7001. All New and Old Samurai models. Vintage 150M 6306 6309 7002 – All variants.

    Mid-Size 200M – SKX013 SKX015

    Ref dimensions – Seiko OEM dimensions.

    Finish – All options Fine Sand Blasted.

    Options – 4 Options available

    Option A: Sterile

    Option B: Laser Etch – Holiday Paradise

    Option C: Laser Etch – Sea Game Fishing

    Option D: Laser Etch – Diving/Zombie Outbreak

    Option E: Laser Etch – Hunter

    Option F: Laser Etch – ZRT (Zombie Response Team)


    Additional info below in product description

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  • CT025

    Material – Sapphire Crystal

    Suitable for – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35

    2 Type/Designs

    1) CT025 – Flat with top edge bevel Seiko classic OEM look

    2) CT025F – Flat with NO TOP BEVEL – smooth fit with flat inserts

    CT025 -AR coating options – Blue AR, Green AR, Purple AR, No AR and CLEAR AR*

    CT025F – AR coating options – Blue AR, No AR, CLEAR AR*

    *CLEAR AR additional 10 USD

    Ref dimensions – Dia 31.5mm Thickness 2.9mm

    Additional info below in product description

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  • CT405 – Crystal Gasket – 31.5mm

    Description – Crystal Gasket for 200M SEIKO Divers.

    Suitable for – Seiko 200M – 31.5mm Diameter Crystal – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35

    Compatible Crystaltimes Sapphires – CT011 CT025 CT037 CT037F CT037CIS CT043 CT094

    PLEASE Note – Due to supply issues for the oem item we unfortunately can only purchase in relatively small numbers – Accordingly please be advised for this very high demand part that for some orders we will substitute an excellent fully tested and verified aftermarket alternative which we guarantee 100% performs as per the oem item.

    Type/Design – Crystal Gasket – Ref Seiko Part No. 8660 0630

    Additional info below in product description

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  • CT406 – Caseback Gasket

    Description – Case back gasket – oem spec.

    Suitable for 200M – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35 – CT Crystals ref CT011 CT025 CT037 CT037CIS CT037F CT043 CT094

    Suitable for 200MNew Prospex “Turtle” 200M SRP773 SRP775 SRP777 SRP779 SRP787 SRP789 SRPC44 SRPC23K1 SRPC25K1 SRPC49K1 “PADI” Versions –  SRPA21 SUN065 – Blue Lagoon SRPB09 SRPB11 – CT Crystals ref CT057 CT072 CT075 CT076 CT096

    Type/Design – Water resistant case back gasket – Tested during development to 300M.

    Additional info below in product description

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  • CT043

    Material – Sapphire Crystal

    Type/Design – Double dome (Domed Top – Domed Underside) Big Bubble – stepped edge design to ensure flush fit with bezel – no top edge bevel on this crystal.

    Standard AR coating options – blue, purple, green and No AR

    Custom Coatings – Additional cost – 21 days’ lead time may be required for non-standard coatings please enquire

    Ref dimensions – Dia 31.5mm Thickness 6.5mm Dome @3.5mm

    Suitable for – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35

    Additional info – Double dome extreme dome big bubble retro look design. Multiple AR choices available. A very popular modders crystal for those who require a high dome and no Seiko traditional top edge bevel

    Click Here to watch an instagram video of CT043!

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  • CT101

    Material – Sapphire crystal

    Type/Design – Flat Vintage “Top Hat” look

    Suitable for – SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35

    AR* coating options – No AR, Blue AR and Clear AR**

    *AR coating is underside only

    ** Clear AR additional 10 usd extra

    Ref dimensions – Dia 31.5mm Total Thickness 5.3mm

    Additional info below in product description

    Customer YouTube Overview

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