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Baby Tuna Sapphire Crystals and Watch mod Parts! Shop Sapphire Crystals and Watch mod Parts for Baby Tuna Watches! Crystaltimes is generally known for their Sapphire Crystals, but has ventured into many misc. metal parts due to high demand from customers. Here at Crystaltimes we are enabling modders to have a whole suite of Baby Tuna specific watch products to build the ultimate mod! Our goal is to create a one-stop-shop for everything watch modding. Browse the items below to find a suitable match to your watch model. Can’t find your specs? Write us an email and we will add it to our product line!

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  • CT039

    Material – Sapphire Crystal

    Type/Design – Double dome (Domed top – Domed underside)

    Standard AR* coating options – Blue, Purple, Green, Clear AR,** No AR

    Ref dimensions – Dia 31mm – Thickness 5.0mm – Edge Height 2.7mm – Dome Height 2.3mm

    Suitable for – Seiko – Sumo Shogun Samurai Sea Urchin Map Meter Baby Tuna Landshark Compass Gadget Orient – Mako Ray 1+2+USA (not XL).

    SEA URCHIN – SNZF15 SNZF17 SNZF22 (Gold)

    SUMO – SBDC001 SBDC003 SBDC005 SBDC027 SBDC031 SBDC033 SBDC049

    SHOGUN – SBDC007 SBDC029

    BABY TUNA – SRP637K1 SRP639K1 SRP641K1 SRP653K1 SRP655K1 SRPA83 SRPA82K1

    OLD SAMURAI* – SBDA001 SBDA003 SBDA005 SNM009 SNM011 SNM017 *New model Samurai takes a 32mm crystal CT072 CT096 CT110 are suitable.

    ORIENT KAMASU – RA-AA0001B19A / RA-AA0002L19A / RA-AA0003R19A / RA-AA0004E19A / RA-AA0005B19A / RA-AA0006L19A / RA-AA0007A09A

    ORIENT MAKO RAY 1+2+USA – FAA02001B9 FAA02002D9 FAA02004B9 FAA02005D9 FAA02007B9 FAA02008D9 FEM6500FB9 FEM65001BW FEM65001MW FEM56002DW FEM65006DW FEM65007B9 SAA0200AB9 SAA02009D3 SAA02001B3 FEM65008B9 FEM6500AM9 SAA0200BD9 SAA0200CW9 FAA02003B9 (RAY RAVEN) FEM6500FB9 FEM6500AM9 FEM6500HD9 FEM6500GW9 CEM65004M CEM65003DW EM6500BB CEM65004B CEM65009D CEM65001B EM65001M


    7S36-01E0 SKZ207J1 7S36-01E0 SKZ207K1

    7S36-01E0 SKZ207KC 7S36-01E0 SKZ209J1

    7S36-01E0 SKZ209K1 7S36-01E0 SKZ211J1

    7S36-01E0 SKZ211K1 7S36-01H0 SKZ219K1

    7S36-02K0 SKZ229

    Additional info below in product description

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