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Rolex Sapphire Crystals and Watch Parts! Shop Sapphire Crystals and Watch Parts for Rolex Watches! Crystaltimes is generally known for their Sapphire Crystals, but has ventured into many misc. metal parts due to high demand from customers. Here at Crystaltimes we are enabling modders to have a whole suite of Rolex specific watch products to build the ultimate mod! Our goal is to create a one-stop-shop for everything watch modding. Browse the items below to find a suitable match to your watch model. Can’t find your specs? Write us an email and we will add it to our product line!

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  • CT049

    Type/Design – OEM dimensions with date magnifier/cyclops 25-295c

    AR coating options – No AR on this classic crystal.

    Ref dimensions – Dia 30.4mm Thickness 1.8mm

    Suitable for – Rolex datejust

    16018 16019 16058 16078 16200 16203 16220 16233 16234 16238 16248 16258 16263 16264 18000 18029 18038 18039 18039bic/Tridor 18046 18048 18049 18078 18079 18129bic/Tridor 18206 18208 18238 18239 18248 18249 18308 18346 18348 18349bic/Tridor 18388 18389 19018N 19019 19019N

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    Additional info below in product description

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  • CT016

    Material – Sapphire Crystal

    Type/Design – Flat OEM dimensions.

    Standard AR coating options – Blue, No AR.

    Ref dimensions – Dia 29.4mm Thickness 1.8mm

    Suitable for – Rolex Submariner no date 14060 14060M

    Additional info below in product description

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